Material + Object
2023 | Patterns Of Perception Mix
Patterns Of Perception Mix

A Music Mix for the Patterns of Perception label / Mix series in Berlin.

With Patterns of Perception 110, Material Object weaves a richly emotive story that spans four dimensions. Revelling in its transportive nature, this mix traverses great distances to connect textures, emotions and colours that are both familiar and abstract. Channeling the bold creative thrust of 'Telepath', its warm instrumentation and angular electronic experimentation feels delicate, deep and natural. And yet underneath it all lies a profound sense of nostalgia, which Material Object carefully crafted by running the finished mix through additional filters and machines, instilling a feeling of hazy consciousness, and of fond, half-forgotten memories of childhood.

A download of the mix can be found here

Patterns of Perception ยท Patterns of Perception 110 - Material Object