Material + Object
2016 | No. Artists - No. II
No. Artists - No. II

No., founded by Atom© & Material Object in 2014, celebrate their second birthday in style with "No. II", a collage, a readymade, an assemblage, a synthesis, in short: a spectrum of elements refracted through the prism of the label's output between the 1st of May 2015 to the 1st of May 2016. You might call such a spectrum "a mix", and that's up to you.

Over the 79 minutes the "mix" traverses a wild landscape of material. A dose here from the lysergic adventures in the concrete jungle of "G@ng5ta", a stroll there over the bubbly terrain of Material Object + Ishq's "Inivisble Light", the air punctuated by the haunted soundscapes of Garry Bradbury's (formerly of Severed Heads) "Yakovlevian Torque". Slather on top of that a caustic beat from "Anamorph Specimens" and then undergrid it all with the morbidly obese frequencies of Atom©'s Texturen series and you have yourself some kind of inter-dimensional feast.

So, welcome to our second birthday party. The cake is burnt, the balloon animals are deformed into impossible and terrifying shapes, the CIA have spiked the punch and you're the clown.
Are you invited? No.