Material + Object
2016 | No. Inc. - G@ng5ta
No. Inc. - G@ng5ta

No. Inc. are Material Object and Atom™. With their second album, entitled "G@ng5ta", they deliver a trippier version of ‘ambient', triggered by an unexpected genre collision appropriately numbered as No. 911.

Deciding to mix, possibly two of the most opposite ends of the musical spectrum, traditional electronic ambient and Gangster Rap, the artists create a new urban soundscape for lysergic adventures in the concrete jungle. Starting off with a frozen gunshot sound, the album continues exploring where "No. Inc." started their first album "Early Reflections" (No. 900): floating textures and drones, creating a dense journey, in this case, through the subconscious landscape of a west coast gang member.

With slightly less synthetic elements, such as the track "Street Texture 911" (which incorporates US police radio recordings and pays tribute to the works of Tetsu Inoue) "G@ng5ta" expands “Ambient" into truly unexpected realms. Grand Theft Autonomy of your audio senses in this album length No. adventure. Enjoy it all without leaving the comfort of your own head.