Material + Object
2015 | Anamorph Specimens
No. 304 - Anamorph Specimens

No. proudly present No. 304, our second CD release from Raw C + Pharmakustik. The download version of the album also includes a 27 minute ambient remix from Material Object

If there is anyone left with a sci-fi vision of the future, it’s Raw C and Pharmakustik. Both artists, who just recently released their solo productions on “No.”, decided to collaborate on a full length album entitled “Anamorph Specimens”. Released as catalogue number No. 304, the 50 min + masterpiece joins both artists sonic universes in a perfect manner. The seven tracks on this album are strange and dark, each pulsating in its own funky frequency.

The artists then state: “Anamorph Specimens focusses on the interaction between propulsive rhythms and organic ambient compounds morphing by realtime sound-processing. The widescreen-pictures appearing in the listener's mind constantly change and thus can be described as anamorph torsions of audio sculptures. All rhythms and ambient sections have been altered by various tools like notch-filtering, frequency-shifting and timestretching. Multidimensional textures from high to low in which sound events appear and disappear, animate the listener to perceive the tracks through different 'lenses’.”