Material + Object
2012 | Indiana Drones
Indiana Drones

Teaming up for the first time with Chicago's Phonaut, the two artists, having shared a musical history stretching all the way from the 1990s, decided to meet for the first time in Berlin and record a collaborative project in the spirit of their musical idols. With no set agenda the artists instinctively meshed and were able to create an album length Drone flavoured Ambient effort initially destined for Pete Namlook's cult like Fax + 49-69/450464 record label.

Upon completing the album the artists learnt the tragic news that Namlook had passed away and they then decided to release the project themselves directly onto the Internet, dedicated to their recently fallen hero. In the ensuing fallout from Namlook's passing the Indiana Drones album was picked up by Carpe Sonum a newly formed Namlook Tribue label who released the project on a specially designed Compact Disc with accompanying booklet & artwork.