Material + Object
Material + Object

Four Dimensional Storytelling.

A producer and performer of Electronic Music, Material Object has seen his creative output embraced by worldwide audiences as he quickly rose to prominence with a stream of impressive releases and remixes on European and American labels.

Beyond his solo efforts, he has also collaborated with notable musical luminaries including the late Pete Namlook on his Fax + 49-49/450464 label as well as Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™ and has since toured the world taking his music to all manner of events from Berlin's infamous Berghain club to Japan's Labyrinth festival along with clubs, festivals and Ambient Yurts all over the this planet.

In the year 2014 he co-founded his own audio imprint titled No. with Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™ through which both artists continue to explore as yet uncharted sonic terrain.

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